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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
waterwolf, don't let this guy highjack your post with his immaturity. We all know you as a senior member and your accomplishments along with your great reports, so don't even go to his level. With that said I have a question about how you set the rod up. What line and size are you using? I am always interested how different lines cast on different rods and if you have to oversize lines to load rods better. Can you please provide that info? I cant wait to see some pics caught off that rod.
I am using a Sage Performance taper WF6 on it now. It seems to do fine, however with that said, yesterday the wind was howling and I was throwing a pretty **** big popper. It did not amaze me like it did last weekend, but I do not think anything would have been great with the wind we had.

Last weekend, it was windless and throwing the same fly/line it was effortless to cast. Let you know more after this coming weekend.
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