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I wish I had enough confidence in my Simms Rivershed boots to wade the Smokies but alas, I don't. They are great to hike in and for the tailwaters they seem OK but that's about where it ends unfortunately. First time I took them out on the Tellico, about near killed myself yet for the Elk and the Caney I can get by. I'm sorry but I'm all about the felt!! On my last trip to the park I was not going without felt. I decided to give the Korker Redside boots a try for $99. While I did not hike in these with my pack on, I did spend two days up and down streams for miles and they seemed to hold up pretty well. It felt sooo good to have felt on again. I could just concentrate on fishing and not worry about my footing all the time. I will say that what amazed me was how light they were? Almost like a pair of running shoes compared to my rivershed boots. These might be a light weight option worth looking at?

A hybrid shoe would be great if someone came up with a viable option that actually worked... Until then, put a pack on my back and I'm taking my Montrail's and if I get in the stream, I'm wearing felt. So it's two shoes for me...

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