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Question Hmm no Flouro huh?

Originally Posted by JohnH0802 View Post
I am not a big flouro fan personally. I generally just use a 7.5 foot 20lb abrasion resistant leader and add 18 inches of tippet. Here in Beaufort I use 20lb tppet material as well. If the fish in Destin a really pressured I am sure you could size it down to something in the 13-15 lb range for the tippet.

If you are set on using may consider using a regular mono leader and use a flouro tippet.

Thanks John.....but I have to ask, why no Flouro? I use it almost exclusively on my light tackle spinning reels and have recently just started using Flouro leaders for fly....I really like it for clear water apps, and mostly use a palomar terminal not, so not strength hasn't been an issue....
Just curious?
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