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Default Fishing Big Snowbird in November...

I would check the link to see when the bear and boar hunting seasons take place. Don't think I would go during those seasons. You should be able to find a window though when they are not open. Seems there are two [2] week hunts for bears, not sure about the boars/wild hogs. Actually you should be fine with a blaze orange cap, but you may not have a lot of peace and quiet. I have day hiked up there before during the season, saw men and dogs, nothing else. If you have the flexibility though, schedule around the hunting seasons. From what I can tell the creek's resident population has rebounded pretty well from the draughts in 07 and 08. Seems some people have done very well in the back country this year. Not sure what the water has done the last month though, whether thar area has had rain? The ground is cracking in Knoxville. Copy and paste that link, should take you right to the site.
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