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Originally Posted by helix149 View Post
Careful of the carp bug if it gets you it is all down hill. People will look at you funny maybe even make bad comments. Worse yet so many other species can lose their appeal if there is carp to be had instead. Before you know it you are buying high end equipment specifically to chase golden bones.
never understood why people think trash fish aren't worth the effort either.

I love fly fishing for them also. I especially like to take them off the surface when they are sucking down beetles and or mayflies that stack up in scum lines of backeddies. watching for that orange o-ring to pop out as they come up to a foam beetle pattern or a white unweighted bugger placed in their path is exciting. Haven't had the opportunity to catch any so far this year, but hopefully soon. congrats on your first, sure it wont be the last.
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