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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
never understood why people think trash fish aren't worth the effort either.

I love fly fishing for them also. I especially like to take them off the surface when they are sucking down beetles and or mayflies that stack up in scum lines of backeddies. watching for that orange o-ring to pop out as they come up to a foam beetle pattern or a white unweighted bugger placed in their path is exciting. Haven't had the opportunity to catch any so far this year, but hopefully soon. congrats on your first, sure it wont be the last.
Agreed. I remember 20 years ago myself and other folks who worked at the creel chasing them and we were laughed at. It has caught on with folks who took time to actually rip themselves away from the almighty trout, but there are still a bunch who have no concept of what they are missing.

This spring while folks were standing on top of each other to catch a handful of trout on sulfurs, a few of us were pounding fish that averaged 8 lbs and 26" on cicadas. Which also pull as hard as any fish you would ever want to catch.

Guess we carp folks should be thankful that the masses still consider them "trash" fish.

Our trash fish don't get dumped out of a truck.

Maybe the label trash, is levied on the wrong species...
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