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Oh booo whooo! You bunch of cry babies. They are there, you just have to know what to use. Those corn flys and san jaun worms are killin' them!

I don't know how the river has been for the past couple of weeks, but 3 weeks ago, it was on fire. My buddy Wilson landed is biggest yet, and he seen backing once on another nice one. Like ol' wolf said a 3-4 hour trip is a 20+ day and missing that many more. Well this has been the case for the last 4 trips for me and Wilson. I'm going in the morning drive up and down the river you may see my truck. I'm not saying where I have been fishing but those of you that know what I drive. Look for my truck and come on out. I will say this we have found that they aren't eatting the 18's this summer. You need to be fishing the same flys but drop down to a 20 or 22.

Good luck and hope to see you guys out there.
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