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Exclamation Weir Dams are killers

The particular weir you are talking about is a much newer design that is most likely safer, but I wouldn't attempt it unless you really knew what you were doing. In over 12+ years of paddling whitewater, the only place I really thought I might have drown was on the weir dam from Big Creek leading to the Pigeon. Someone roped me out (pays to play with other who take rescue classes annually), and saved my butt. It took uf 45 minutes, and a tethered swiimer to recover my boat. This was with people who were much better trained than the rescue squad.

If you keep your forward momentum and are able to maintain speed you will most likely plop through there like it was nothing. On the other hand, scrape on something and lose speed, or change you angle slightly, and it may be the last move you ever make

The first things paddlers are educated to are the dangers or strainers (downed trees), Undercut rocks (Plateau if full of them), sieves (rock strainer), recirculating hydraulics (don't spit you out), Flood waters, and WEIR DAMS.
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