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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
Some say you can actually swim to the bottom and out, but who could keep there head in the game at time like that? I couldn't.

In a recirculating hydraulic if you are properly trained you may be able to swim to the bottom & out. I took a swiftwater rescue class where we jumped in on purpose to did just that. Most people like myself got 3 or so spins before you can catch the green (downstream) water. Just getting your fingers to penetrate what feels like a solid concrete wall into this water was enough to grab and pull you out. One guy got 7 or 9 spins, and another guy had to be rescued from the instructor. I'm glad I did it and it made me less scared of recirculating hydraulics, but the next year I just took pictures as the others did it.

In a weir dam the force or water slams you into the concrete (or rocks in this case) leaving no green water as an escape route even if you knew what you were doing. The only thing that might help is the newer design where some of the water since it falls on the rock cages is sieved out which is supposed to make it easier to walk out, but I bet it would still kill you most of the time. In my opinion jumping off Elk River Falls (60 feet) into the pool below would be much safer. Not that I would recommend that either.
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