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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
The Clinch is a bipolar river. I've had great days, then called friends..."it's on fire, let's go".....nothing the next day.

I am beginning to believe one theory I have heard lately is the stripers are pushing the trout around the river. Friend of mine saw a school of stripers, not carp, yesterday is some deeper cuts.
Stripers have been bad this year, however there is a bunch that are no longer with us "Someone" I know has been working on them the past few weeks. Rest in peace.

Went back today in the monsoon, and fishing was ten times better then it has been in the last few weeks. Much closer to normal.

Up until a few weeks ago it was a normal summer, then all of a sudden fish went missing. Granted it was only two trips, but 2 bad trips feel like an eternity to me.

BTW I fished 16's today, homey don't do 20's and smaller.
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