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Default Maybe calling b.s.

I fish as much as I can, work hard at it, both me and my fishing pal. We're as serious about it as most. We have fished here, out west and in between. We fish with serious fisher persons who are serious about the sport. We regularly fish the most technical tail waters in this area and we catch fish.

I fish the Clinch, love to fish it early spring, have had great days, with strong fish, not quantities but quality. We have found that when the water is skinny is fishing is tough. We only see hatches for about 4 weeks. We don't regularly catch the quantities the above posts and my first thought is to call b.s.
I will admit it, I maybe average at best when it comes to fly fishing but I don't read many reports of regular catches of 20-25 fish. If you can produce these catches, I'd be grateful to carry the net and learn. I ain't too proud, I'll carry your net.
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