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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post

We don't regularly catch the quantities the above posts and my first thought is to call b.s.

I will admit it, I maybe average at best when it comes to fly fishing but I don't read many reports of regular catches of 20-25 fish. If you can produce these catches, I'd be grateful to carry the net and learn. I ain't too proud, I'll carry your net.
I can't speak to the fishing on the Clinch as of late since I haven't been on it since July 8th.

However, I definitely would not call B.S.

Knowing a couple of these guys, I know of their fishing prowess.

Shoot, I have even had a good number of 20+ fish days on the Grinch, and there are plenty of better fisherman than me on here.

I keep a log of every fishing trip I have been on since 2007. Last year I fished it 15 times with the best day being 24 fish landed on May 7th (3:45 to 6:30) using #16 BHPT's at the start of the sulfur hatch. Best fish was 17" and the smallest was 9". My worst day was a 4 fish outing on March 26th. I keep these records as reference from year to year to help me better prepare for when and where to go as well as the fly selection I should be prepared for.

Unfortunately, this year the best day I have had on my beloved tailwater was an 8 fish outing on June 3rd. However, I have only fished it 5 times since January. And for the record my worst day was a 2 fish outing on January 22nd in which I spent the day dunking my rod in the water trying to eliminate the ice from the guides.

That being said, I am very reluctant to call B.S. on here because I know there are some phenomenal fishermen who frequent here. For that matter I have seen people posting 75+ fish days in the Smokies, and I thought that was a bunch of junk as well. Until I fished with a couple of these guys and they were catching 10 fish to my one. It is all a matter of how developed a person is at that particular type of fishing and your confidence level.

Just watching an accomplished fisherman is a great way to learn, and I think that everybody should try to observe any time you are on the river and see somebody else having more success than you are. I try to observe without approaching every time I get a chance. Some people can be put off when you approach, and if I want to quiz them on the day I just wait until I see them exiting the river.

I did not throw these stats up here in an effort to inflate my ego or gain respect. I basically stated them in an attempt to show that even an average fisherman like myself can catch good numbers on any river when they invest the time and patience in learning it's behavior throughout the year. Fishing it during the good times and bad, not just when a little yellow bug is hatching. Which I find probably 75% of the people who fish the Clinch do.

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