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You poor thing.......
The kid in this picture is now 23 and married. I started fishing the Clinch before he and probably you were born. Yes I know every hole, slot, run, and which rock to stand on in the public access areas. yes, I fish long color neutral leaders and downstream alot as not to overline a fish and spook them. Yes, I can outwade most folks because I am 6'6". yes, I have never fished a Clinch River midge (Ron Whaley's fly) or Zebra midge or any other popular fly that every fish and his brother sees, and yes I have relations with landowners that allows me private access, but I still love above the weir from time to time. Oh and yes, a bad day is less than 10 fish, and a good day, you would just call "double BS", so there is no sense in fussing over fish counts. I wish I could find my old Orvis fish book were I too kept detailed records of counts, flows, depths of indicators where fish were caught, but you would call triple BS on that. IF you don't like the public stuff, save up your pennies for a driftboat like I did, but now I use a FishCat from time to time to get to Peach Orchard shoals. Try walking up to Lwellyn Island and start fishing there. Three great shoals, and beyond. We used to call that area the shark tank. Put in the time before you condemn those that have.

Eat your heart out, and oh yeah, don't bet against Waterwolf, or Seagull either.

PS...anybody can catch a fish out west, (well except me on Silver Creek, I still can't figure out that place) or the airlines would go broke in the summer time taking newbies to the hallowed rivers.
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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