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Ahhh, times they have changed. Many of us cut our teeth on a time when the Clinch river had distinguished gentlemen such as Ronnie Joe Whaley and other mentors like Eddie George. They were fine men that wanted to pass along their knowledge to young idiots such as myself and others. These were men that didn't seek any kind on acknowledgement or thanks for their knowledge. They just knew it was time to let someone else know what they knew. They were dang sure not people that disclosed their knowledge on the internet, they just took young anglers with a passion for the sport under their wings. I was the lucky receipient of lots of their knowledge. Yeah we all still have tough days on the Clinch, it doles pleasure one day and punishment the next. However I know many of the guys cloaked behind "internet names" and they all know that the river can provide some phenomenal days of angling. I feel sure the at the Waterwolf and whatever Phil called himself after John Poore's boat are telling you the truth. Young Travis aka crap I can't even remember his internet name is, said it pretty darn well, be careful about calling B.S., there could be a world you aren't even aware of out there. Watch some old farts catching fish and politely ask what they are doing as they leave the river. It served me well many years ago, and will continue to as I learn into the future. I sure hope I'll be asking someone many years younger than me what the heck they are catching all those fish on...
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