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I miss Ron Whaley. The man fished a 7wt rod and could cast across the Clinch with it, all the while with a 7x tippett and a cigar hanging from his mouth.

First person to ever show me a bead head PTN when they came out.

PS...I still have John Poore's boat...didn't change the name....and that's about the only thing I haven't change except the motor! runs like a scalded dog!

here's a pic of some low and slow, and gin clear water fishing...
might take note of the 17 1/2 foot leader. Oh yeah, I don't use a silly loop to loop connector, cause when you do catch a really big fish those don't go thru the guides well and break off your fish.

Another recent photo. Fishing a sculpin imitation. pS.....I showed this fly and more of the ones I tie at Troutfest for anybody that stopped by. Sink tip line, might want to try that instead of calling BS to those of us that have figured out SOME of the techniques...I'm still looking for a 8-10# brown. I know where a big bow over 24-26" hangs out, but he is smarter than me, for now.
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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