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I can test to those of us that put a big numbers, and big fish. Wolf, Phil, Chem, Scott Rogers, Mike, the late great Ron Whaley, John Thruman and the list can keep on going of Clinch vets. All of the names that I have listed I have learned and listened to all my life. I have fished the river my whole life again I don't think as my self as old (30). But I the same as Jim use to skip school to fish this river. My dad took me to the Creel when I was ( I can't remmeber how old I was) if I'm not mistaken Scott and Jim sold me my first Orvis fly rod. Do you remember that Wolf? It was then I spent countless hours in the Clinch, watching some of these older guys flat out smoke them. Beinng the young pup I was I was floored by the numbers they caught. That's when I learned to listen more then I spoke, asked questions when I could, and these guys would answer them and hand me flys out of their boxes. Sometimes even giving me the fly they were using. I feel like I now can hold my own when fishing next to any of these guys I listed. In return I feel as I have passed on alot of knowledge that was given to me and would share anything anyone asked me, sometimes I won't say the spot sometimes, for I don't want to be standing shoulder to shoulder with others. But you can take two flys to the Clinch and catch fish anywhere on that river between the dam and 61 bridge.

I guess what I'm getting at is sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut and listen to one another. You can gain alot more when you listen more and speak less.
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