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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
Wow, did that get a rise ! I was not calling anyone out or for that matter accusing anyone of embellishing quantities, I was simply stating that I had not had similar experiences on the river and yes, I would very much like to know the secrets to this sort of success.

By the responses it would appear as though I may have to carry the net for several masters of the sport.

I know some of the individuals mentioned in the previous post. Have sat with them at tying tables and had conversations with them. I respect them and they have even ask me to take them to the so. ho. I am happy to take them.

My post was not directed at anyone, just an observation.

offer still stands, I'll carry your net.
I couldn't handle having someone with me that referred to the South Holston as the So Ho. Sorry, but it is the South Holston, not to be confused with the Holston.

I guess we can start calling the Clinch, the Cli just so it sounds cooler then the real name.

You don't want to fish with me or near me, I have horrible gas, and curse an insane amount. I also talk to myself, and fall in alot.

In all seriousness, success on the Clinch boils down to keeping things simple and really understanding how the Clinch fish react to water levels, by far the greatest determining factor for success is the water flow/level IMO. Catch it right and fishing is amazing, catch it wrong and the fish will punish you.

As others will note, it is a fickle nasty mean river that is unforgiving and gives nothing away for free. Except for brookies and stockers, which will eat anything presented any way you choose on any water level.
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