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Post HijackThis is reputable and should fix your problem!

Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
Yep, still having problems. I'm getting the same thing with my email sometimes. I can't move the cursor with any key- I have to highlight and type over to change anything. Just did it again!!!! When writing an email, sometimes I can't change lines with the enter key. Very frustrating! If it keep up, I'm going to Staples and see what they can do. Now I got the blue line!!!!!!!

Shawn, have you used the cnet before? Trustworthy?
I truly think you have a browser hijack. You will notice a hesitation in emails, webscripts with inputs, forum typing, etc. Download the program in my link and run it. I am pretty sure this will take care of your problem. It is called HijackThis and it is free. Also; CNET is a reputable down-loader. I have experienced this issue before as well. You will be amazed at how it increases your websurfing as well if this is the issue.
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