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Originally Posted by Trico View Post
Billspey you said the Sage One is a better performer then the Hardy Zenith. I am curious is this your opinion or do you know about some independent test?
George Anderson of Yellowstone Angler compared the two and thought the Hardy was the best performer. I have a Hardy 9 ft 4 wgt and have cast a 9 ft 4 wgt One. I thought the Hardy handled the best. Again I would encourage anyone looking for a new 9 ft 4 wgt to look at both. The One is a very nice rod but when paying that much for a rod everyone should cast as many different rods as they can and find one which suits their needs or style. Performance is rather subjective. Plus just because one model casts like a dream in say 6 or 7 wgt this same model may not be so good in a lighter wgt.
Absolutely agree. I am a Sage disciple, not for any other reason then they generally fit my casting style with their quicker action.

I have never cast the Hardy rods, and wouldn't dare offer an opinion on them without FISHING them first. Casting over a parking lot is not the same as using one while fishing IMO.

I have buddies who love Loomis, and personally I have never touched a Loomis I would use as a tomato stake. They are heavy in the hand, and cast like crap to ME.

Until Orvis came out with the Helios I would say the same about them, junk. The Helios was a fantastic rod, at least the 2 that I fished.

The king of bad for my tastes was Temple Fork, wouldn't take one if it was given to me.

I hate a rod that is sluggish and heavy in my hand. I want a quick action rod which even in a 4 wt. requires no false casting to make a 70 foot cast. My experiences and my casting style basically limits me to Sage because of my preferences. The "One" seems to fit that very well at this point.

On aesthetics, I could care less if the guides were held on by scotch tape, and the reel seat was made of white plastic. As long as the blank is fits my taste the rest is of no worry to me.
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