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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post

The king of bad for my tastes was Temple Fork, wouldn't take one if it was given to me.

I hate a rod that is sluggish and heavy in my hand. I want a quick action rod which even in a 4 wt. requires no false casting to make a 70 foot cast. My experiences and my casting style basically limits me to Sage because of my preferences. The "One" seems to fit that very well at this point.

On aesthetics, I could care less if the guides were held on by scotch tape, and the reel seat was made of white plastic. As long as the blank is fits my taste the rest is of no worry to me.

I can not agree more. On this part of your post. However I am curious how you feel about sage in the smaller rods. As said I might be looking into a 3wt and a 6wt and the ONE is the direction I am looking. I would however entertain the idea of a new winston. As for your comments on the gloomis rods they are great saltwater rods and thats about it as far as I have seen. And yes I have owned them.
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