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Post Fly Fishing Instructional-Clinch River, TN [Sept. 2011]

I was able to get out on the water for about an hour today. I thought I would take my camera and make a short instructional. I hope this helps give some of you pointers and maybe some different insight on fishing the Clinch. I was fishing a wet fly in the video called "The Brenda Jo"! It is a pattern I created and it is named after my mom. I was fishing caddis flies yesterday evening to a rise and they were working exceptional.

I figured I would try and make this video to help illustrate some of my ideas. I am not trying to say my style is correct or the best. I just wanted to share a moment of my time on the water to help others.

Key Points:

-Keeping the line aligned with your fly to the tip of the rod to your hand (better strike sensitivity and line management).
-Use slow - eradict bumps for the action.
-Vary your retrieve rates.
-Keep your hands close to the core area of your body to limit body movement and maintain optimal control.
-Quick release of fish by letting up on the retrieve and allowing smaller fish to release.
-Focus on keeping the rod 65 degree or more angle when retrieving the fish to utilize it as drag control and to keep larger fish from breaking the line. Allow the fish to flex the tip when he runs and feed him just enough line to maintain the balance of tension.
-If you get hung on bottom structure; pull your line taught and induce a roll in to the line to send out energy through the line and popping the fly loose on the back end. This is similar to the technique of pulling a spinning rod line tight and popping the line at the reel with your free hand.
-I generally like to present this fly at a horizontal angle for best results.
-Spit to your left side and far enough to not get on yourself

Video Link Part-1: [Hooking and Landing a handful of fish in about 5-minutes; some very small-put the principle is there; snapping line/fly on backcast at the end of the video]

Video Link Part-2:
[Changing the angle of approach to a horizontal target; adding variability]

Video Link Part-Reference Video (Underwater View of Fly Being Retrieved):

*Sorry for the mumbling...I thought it would come out better...
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