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Originally Posted by CinciVol View Post
Do you think that the trout must be striking out of some predatory reflex as it seems unlikely that an emerging caddis could move so quickly?.....
There are several factors going on in this type of presentation and working the fly this way maximizes the amount that come in to play. Thus; increasing the strike rate. I will try and elaborate on this when I get more time; maybe this evening.

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
I am oftem overwhelmed when fishing tailwaters because it is often hard to get within casting range (for me) without spooking the fish. Your downstream approach seem to have opened up more options for me. The only other downstream approach I have been shown involved a streamer which I just can't seem to get used to the feeling of ounces at the end of my line.

Keep them coming

I have found that the fish on the Clinch do not spook the way most people think. If you get a chance; look at some of my other videos on YouTube. I have about 50 hours of underwater video that I have recorded this year on the river and I put up a few on YouTube. The videos have been very helpful to me in targeting trout.

As you can see; most of my techniques and ideas or non-traditional. If you research some of my posts and topics; you will see that there are many people that are not believers or discredit my ideas. I understand their perspective and I do not mind their input. It helps me to self-critic my ideas so that I am fully aware of what truly is going on.

Maybe if I just post a video of the idea in the future; it should help to support it...
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