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Originally Posted by old east tn boy View Post
Have another uncle James story perhaps folks can relate to on this subject.

We're fishing Douglas in the early 60's and it's slow going in late summer. Being an early riser, uncle James had us there at dawn and now it was almost noon and we didn't have anything on the stringer. So when he finally asked if I was ready to call it a day, I was elated. I mumbled something about better luck next time and maybe we needed to ask our neighbor where he was catching his fish because he seemed to always do well, never had a bad day and never, ever got skunked. Uncle James stopped in the middle of securing things for the ride back to the ramp, glared at me and right then I realized I had stepped in it.

"Let me tell you a story," he said, "about a man I used to work with." Seems there was a man, Charlie Mac, who had joined uncle James' crew from somewhere out west TN way. This fellow early on commenced to tell his work buddies how he liked to fish, knew where to find the best spots and could trick an ole bass into practically jumping into his boat. Well those old boys he was talking to knew a thing or two about fishing too but just kept quiet and listened. Every Monday morning the men would discuss weekend fishing and asked Charlie Mac how he did. "Three five pounders!" he would exclaim but he never would say from where or how he had caught them. Week after week, as the dog days of summer dragged on the other men in the crew lamented their bad luck but not Charlie Mac. "Three five pounders!" was always the reply until it got to the point where his nickname became ole Three Five Pounders. He never fished with anyone from the crew (always making excuses), never produced any photos of his fish and never invited anyone to a fish fry. And of course, after a time, no one believed him either.

"Son, everybody has a bad day," uncle James remarked. "Most mortal men will have a lot of them. It is a stand-up guy who won't mind in the least admitting it. The man that won't doesn't deserve your respect and that is a far worse thing to lose than any fish swimming."
great story that most of us can relate to, I know a few Charlie Macs personally, have seen a few on here as well. You can learn as much or more from the guy that didn't catch anything than the guy that did(even if he's telling the truth).
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