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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Well.... This is simply another TAX!

I moved to TN as Maine had become notorious for their creative use of new taxation methods... They call them "revenue streams"; seems our rivers here are now looked upon by TWRA as revenue streams. The perception that fly fishermen have more disposable income among government employees is ridiculous or that a "lucrative" & thriving industry such as guiding needs to be punished with regulations and fees is shameful!

I wonder what it costs TWRA to stock walleyes, crappie and STRIPPED BASS or Hybrids? Hmmmm?

Seems to me that anyone who can purchase a $35,000 bass boat ought to be "taxed" or Fee'd for chasing other stocked fish.
its funny i am against new taxes for the most part and this is a tax just dressed different. lol

like i said if they are trying to make a guide licence then it needs to be state wide and cover ALL guides. not just tail water guides. and that guide licence should cover the fishing licence for his customers.

and you have a very vaild point they don't charge us to fish for those other stocked fish soo why charge us to fish for trout they stock? gotta stick it to us when they see a chance i guess.
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