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Great points fellas, how about he wasted money on the stupid brook trout in the Clinch? How about the wasted money on stocking the Big Pigeon? How about the wasted money on the absurd Elk Project? How about all the new trucks TWRA folks are driving?

I could go on and on for pages, but the buffoons at TWRA really have no clue about anything other then riding around and asking some one for a license. And they can even enforce that.

Which brings up another point, they can't enforce the rules we have now, how in the **** are the going to enforce this stupid tax? So I am guiding on the Clinch, a game warden asks me if I am a guide. I say no, he goes home. End of story, this idea is laughable and I feel like I am being kind.

How can he prove I am guiding if he sees no money changing hands? Even if I have a guide decal on my boat, or am a guide can I not fish with buddies without being taxed to oblivion?

They ought to call it the stupid tax (license), because the folks who support it, came up with it, and most importantly get duped into buying it are idiots. It is unenforceable, and they don't have enough man power to enforce current laws, so how can they enforce this?
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