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I had a discussion with a couple of my TWRA friends yesterday & after the discussion i can't support it, it does need to apply to all guides & not just tailwater guides.
I do like the FANTASY world that some of you guys are living in though, taxes don't run TWRA, license sells, a few dollars off violation ticket's & some Federal funding, thank goodness the Goverment hasn't gotten ahold of control over TWRA, we wouldn't have squat after they wasted the money.
I would support a guide license on all levels, as i posted earlier, i can't guide in other states w/o purchasing one.
Enforcing it would be a nightmare, the officers asked yesterday how they could tell if i were guiding or not, i told them they'd know i wasn't guiding if i were in the front or back of the drifter instead of in the middle.
Has TWRA made some mistakes, sure, just like you or me, it happens.

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