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Glad you came around Grumpy. What's being proposed is wrong period. I'm a huge fan of the Job TWRA does both in the field and the streams. There are programs that I don't support as I am sure there are programs I love that other sportsmen don't support. It all evens out.

As for the Hatcheries closing I've mentioned many times before that we should start a non profit "Friends Of" club that can put on charity events and collect donations for the local hatcheries. I know this has been done in Arkansas and has been very successful there. I'd be more then happy host this on my site, and to donate money to the Hatcheries, as would a whole lot of the people who frequent my site. I think it could potentially drive more revenue <<DIRECTLY>>> to the Hatcheries then a guide stamp and there would be no way for the money to be used for anything other then the hatcheries.

Just something to think about...
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