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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
In a little over a year the country will have a chance to try and change that mentality....

This is basically what my email to TWRA said, just in about four times as many words.

How about this idea:

If they are proposing these taxes and fees to account for loss of Federal funding for hatcheries, how about charging the people who account for the need for hatcheries. Why not create two types of trout stamps? One for C&R and one for Creel Fisherman. Make the people who are keeping the fish and reducing the resource pay more. And before anybody jumps on me for saying that, I do keep fish on occasion. So, this isn't a radical C&R proponent here proposing this idea. I just believe in personal responsibility. If I take more than somebody else, I should pay my fair share for that resource. I have never asked for handouts, and don't expect others to pay for my portion.

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. I haven't kept a tailwater trout in the 5 or so years I have been fishing TN tailwaters. I have nothing against those who do, but why should myself or others who mainly practice catch-n-release on these waters pay for those who treat these rivers like a entitlement? They raised the cost of the Trout Stamp this year, I guess they are afraid of raising it again, the fish mongers will raise cane if it goes up again, so they are looking for another avenue to generate additional monies. In the end, it's more about politics instead of doing what is proper management for the resources.

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