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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
I had a discussion with a couple of my TWRA friends yesterday & after the discussion i can't support it, it does need to apply to all guides & not just tailwater guides.
I do like the FANTASY world that some of you guys are living in though, taxes don't run TWRA, license sells, a few dollars off violation ticket's & some Federal funding, thank goodness the Goverment hasn't gotten ahold of control over TWRA, we wouldn't have squat after they wasted the money.
I would support a guide license on all levels, as i posted earlier, i can't guide in other states w/o purchasing one.
Enforcing it would be a nightmare, the officers asked yesterday how they could tell if i were guiding or not, i told them they'd know i wasn't guiding if i were in the front or back of the drifter instead of in the middle.
Has TWRA made some mistakes, sure, just like you or me, it happens.

TWRA is the poster child for mistakes and government wasting money. I could list the hundreds of wasted projects, salaries, etc etc that they do every year, but it would shut this sight down.

Name one aspect of management they do better then other states surrounding us? And you better support it with facts or stats.

They are a travesty, and this new tax is just another fine example of the lack of intelligence they possess from their core to the guys in the field.
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