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Originally Posted by flyman View Post
I'm all for a nominal fee and more stringent requirements to be a guide. NC charges a nominal guide fee,. The real cost are acquiring the permits to fish National Parks and Forest, liability insurance, and the required training such as first aid and cpr. I have long been an advocate of these requirements and will not fish with a guide who isn't legit. Always ask before you book a trip, some pirate could take you out and get you killed or seriously injured and you wouldn't have any means of paying your hospital or doctor bills, let alone compensation to your family for your life. Kinda hard to get any money out of someone who lives in an old school bus and drives a 15 year old pick up and has $11. 32 in his bank account
You do realize that all guides that are worth their salt have insurance for the very thing you speak of. Not many of the guides I know are just rolling in cash, they make a living but certainly aren't the richest Americans.

What's wrong with a 15 year old pick up?

You have a lot to learn when it comes to choosing guides.

If I go with a guide and have a heart attack, how is that his fault? Guess personal responsibility is totally gone in this country.

Progressives have **** near taken over ever facet of our society, and will/are destroying capitalism with every passing day.
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