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I think I may not have made myself clear. I've know a lot of people over the years that have called themselves "guides" and had neither insurance nor the proper permits to be conducting business in the National Park nor the National Forest.

There's nothing wrong with a 15 year old pick up, mine is only 13/14, I was using that simply as an example of the lack of assets that some have. If a situation were to arise that came to a civil lawsuit there might be very little in the way of assets.

It's not a guides fault if I have a heart attack, but it would be nice to know that a guide could offer you some help if you did have one, or some other type of accident, like a lighting strike, or drowning.

I'm about as conservative as they come, and believe me, I wouldn't have much trouble picking out a guide, or knowing the warning signs of one to avoid. I know guiding is hard work, and a good one earns every cent he makes.
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