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Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post
It can be ok. All depends on when, where and how. IMHO

It all starts with a good presentation really. Whether your talking low water or high water. For those willing to really work some streamers for solid periods of time, some big fish can be found on high or low water.
I agree with Rocky... in that streamers can really reward you with larger fish if you are persistent. You should focus on presenting the streamer correctly. Vary your retrieve rates and patterns. Allow the streamer to drift a bit before retrieving. The landing area of your streamer is most likely spooked; I find that it helps to let the streamer drift down in to your target zone before I try to represent it. This is a weak area for me. I rarely throw streamers; but, I have been working on it lately. I feel that they are key to landing larger fish consistently. Plus, they are super easy to tie. One other thing; I usually just tie a 5-8' piece of 4# flourocarbon to the end of my fly line when throwing streamers.
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