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Default fished it on 9-20

I went up there also yesterday, arriving about 1pm. There were a lot more people there than I expected on a monday. 6 vehicles at the church by the bridge, 5 more at the cul-de-sac parking and probably another 8-10 at the grates parking. As I walked down the trail there seemed to be quite a few people already taken up residence waiting for the hatch. Either a lot of others were off from work, called in sick , or were skipping classes from the local colleges! I'm not big on crowds, especially when fishing , so I picked a spot away from the others and fished a little while waiting on the hatch. It started around 3pm where I was and became pretty heavy. had a some very good risers in my area and the hatch became quite thick for awhile that the trout became pretty picky. I fished with CDC split tail comparaduns in size 14-16 and when they would snuff those, I went with a para light cahill #16. It seemed like the sulphers were a lighter shade than the orangy/yellow imitations that I bought from the fly shop and it seemed to make a difference in the number of takes.
Caught a whole bunch of those little browns and some better rainbows.
After the hatch died out around 5:30 or so, I switched over to a green sparkle beadhead wooly bugger and continued to catch several more. I don't go up there very often due to the crowds, but it was a pretty fun day to catch a lot of fish on dry flies.

A couple of rainbows

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