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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
Troutman, those are great pics and isn't the so.ho. a great river! I haven't been there in two months but will be there for sure within two weeks. I love that river, love it. The boys at the fly shop are my pals and they do their best to get you hooked up with fish.
Did you notice the new parking lot at the cul-de-sac?
Yes, it is a great river for the trout fly fisherman. lots of fish per mile and year round fishing. I did drive through the new parking area at the cul-de-sac but decided to go on up to the grate parking and walk down.
I didn't stop by the Champions fly shop as I had already stopped at Mahoneys in JC for a cheap net , a few flies and at the new Eastern Fly Outfitters, formerly Fly Shop of TN to congrat Ben for aquiring it from Eddie who has retired. always glad to see a fly shop stay open. Eddie used to carry some awesome smallmouth deerhair flies. I hope that Ben will also.
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