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Post 5 General Fly Selection Factors to Consider

I there are several factors going on in this type of presentation and working the fly this way maximizes the amount that come in to play. Thus; increasing the strike rate. I will try and elaborate on this when I get more time; maybe this evening.
I try to determine my fly patterns based on these factors illustrated in the book by:

Fly Fishing: the Lifetime Sport/David W. and Cheryl Young.
ISBN 0-9776703-0-9

  • The size means the foodstuff’s measurements in terms of thickness, width, and length. Foods smaller than a half inch are best imitated as to their exact length; on the other hand, foods larger than a half inch are best imitated as to its exact width. Choose your fly selection accordingly.
  • The texture is the overall feel as to the food’s softness or rigidity. A fish’s mouth readily detects texture and a too soft or too hard fly will be readily rejected while a good match will be ingested.
  • The shape is the food’s silhouette. This outline is an important consideration in matching the fly. Suggestive and impressionistic flies that match the foodstuff’s three dimensional shape are the most successful. Suggestive flies can match a multitude of possible foods while exact imitations sometimes restrict the number of matches.
  • The color match is helpful but it is not as important as the other elements of imitation. Natural food’s color and patterns can vary in shades and tones. Select your fly as to the general color pattern of the natural.
  • Action is the foodstuff’s natural movement. The presentation and the retrieve mimics this motion. Action depicts a living movement that fish key upon while feeding.
An outline of the foodstuffs will be presented. Volumes of text could be written on the huge variety of foodstuffs eaten by fish. There are thousands of varieties of both land born and stream born insects.

*Try to classify your findings into one of the following general groups. Match the natural food’s size, texture, color, action, and silhouette with one of your flies.
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