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Originally Posted by fearnofishbob View Post
I printed Paula's instructions for using a host to post pictures on this forum and I still can't get it work. I read the instructions several time but to no avail. I tried to call Paula but she was out sick that day. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate some help............!!
If the picture is already uploaded to the internet somewhere; you will just need to copy the address of the picture's location. This is not the same as the website's address. Most of the time you can just right-click your mouse button and select "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image Url". You will have to move the mouse arrow down the list of options and select one of these options. The options will be different depending on what web browser you may be using.

-Select the copy image location option.
-Then, post in a topic or create a new one on the message board.

Make sure you have the advanced display open if you want the best layout for posting. Select the yellow button with the image of a mountain and sun. It will give you a window to put in the url. Just click inside the window to activate its contents and hit control-v (shortcut for paste) or right-click your mouse and select paste. Be sure to hit the preview post or submit reply buttons at the bottom of the window to implement your post.

*The key is making sure you have the correct image location. You can even write it down and type the exact address in the image button's window to make sure it is correct. Be sure the address is complete with the whole 'http://' syntax. Also; be sure to not duplicate the 'http://http://' syntax. This is easy to do...

Hope this helps...
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