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I voted 'For' in the poll. I think it could be a good thing. It could differentiate leisure fisherman from commercial fisherman. This will assist the resource agencies with data gathering and relevant information for making future resource allocations. The fee seems to be nominal for a professional guide that is typically-adequately outfitted with top of the line gear. Not that the guide should be punished with extra fees; but, to help give them a legitimate (segment) voice in the system.

Having a guide license would give guides a demographic segment in the resource agencies-user pool. This would allow them to collect data, report data for backing resource allocations, and to help implement control policies.

The only negative I see is in paying the extra fee. However; I think there could be endless possibilities in creating a new segment for the wildlife resources to justify expansion, new programs, funds, protection of funds, etc. Just my opinion; but I think most people are still under the impression that these agencies are out to get them. Many still do not register boats or fail to update their license demographic information. Doing these things help the resource agencies to collect accurate data and to justify resources appropriately. Additionally; much of this data is utilized in analyzing fishing pressure and fishery studies.

I am not trying to argue for this fee. I am just trying to illustrate constructive thought with reasoning.

I do think it would helpful for me to read the negative aspects from current guides and past guides.
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