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Default Long range strategic plan

I have read some of most of the post on this subject and it leads me to a larger question.

We may or maynot agree that guides should be required to have a license but we need to come to the realization that we are in danger of loosing a sport that we love. Unless we are willing to work with T.W.R.A. other agencies, together we will loose the fish.
With hatchery funds being reduced, pressure on rivers and access being reduced by land owners we have a larger problem.

My personal opinion is that if we want to continue to enjoy this sport it most likely will cost me more money and unless I am willing to work with, not against those managing our resources, bring local T.U. chapters to the discussion I can expect to travel West to enjoy fly fishing for trout.

John Gierach, No Shortage of Good Days has great line about fishermen with egos. I want to remind everyone it is about the fish, it is not about me or you either. if we loose the fish the only thing we'll be discussing is how much out of state license cost.

The larger question is: how can we sustain/improve our natural resources?
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