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Some follow up on your questions:

There's a couple of places to go on your own but you'll need a car and in some cases a jeep. Get one of the color maps that are available all over the island and these spots will be marked. Additionally, the protected waters are marked on the map which is helpful.
- Flamingo and Turtle Lakes. South central on the island, shallow, wadable and mucky. You can find YouTube videos of guys fishing these. It was too windy to fish them when I was there.
- Silly Creek area. Again, south central on the island, there are some places where public roads cross and it's out of the wind. Caught 3-4 pounders in there roadside.
- Bonefish point. Far west edge of island. I did not get out that way but I'm told it's pretty remote and you need 4WD to get there.

Turtle Creek Marina is where I got my license. The Tiki Bar there is not bad for casual food.

Definately wear wading boots as was recommeded. I bought a pair of Simms that were pretty reasonable and held up great.

Hope you have a great trip. Let me know how you do or if you have any other questions.
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