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Default Tailwater Permit

I am voting against this proposal. After reading everything that I can about the matter and listening to many people that are affected by users of the tailwaters I have come to the conclusion that most of this "buzz' about the need for a guide's license is simply motivated by greed by a small core of guides and other fishermen on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers. I can certainly understand them wanting the out of state guides to be thinned down and have to pay for some of the expenses of the stocking of the rivers. I sure don't see any sense in the proposals that have been made to help in this situation. I could go on and on about many of the things that have already been mentioned, but what stands out like a sore thumb is the fact that if this is implemented as it is being presented, it will be brought to a court case as being unconstitutional and unfair to all parties involved. I think that some of the people who have made comments about how this would have positive effect on the future of some efforts that TWRA might consider doing need to go back and look at the amount that this tailwater permit is expected to bring in and also listen to the comments about past enforcement on the Tailwater rivers for such things as slot limits and license checks. That should bring you back to reality.
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