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I just read a couple more of the "yes" responses, and the common theme is that none of the yes votes have ever guided, and seemingly don't know a lot about the industry or the challenges of making it work.

I also wonder how many folks know guides or have ever been guided, because it seems as if there is this tainted few of a guides life, or how a guide uses the resource.

It is really stunning to se the all out war being waged on businesses in this country now, it is coming from all angles....feds, states, and even citizens.

It seems that anyone who runs their own business, and tries to make a buck is demonized, and taxed to oblivion.

I do not understand the dramatic shift in views of Americans, but this used to be a country where we believed in smaller government, less regulation, free markets, and more freedoms.

Honestly, this whole topic makes my skin crawl, and that it has trickled down to fishing is really freaking scary.

My questions is, once you open this door to rampant taxation, what comes next? Think about it....
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