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Default subsidities

The money I pay for a license and trout stamp are subsidizing the income of guides. That is a fact, I don't mind some of it because I think the presence of guides on the river indicate that the sport is active and I use guides from time to time. I think a reasonable amount say $1000 per year is acceptable. General contractors pay fees, many other self employed professions do the same. Professional guides should do the same.

I have used guides, here and out west. I understand the value they add to to experience of fly fishing. I understand it is a difficult profession, so are many other professions. You chose it, now do something to ensure your profession. Form a professional organization and be a voice for the river.

As I have said I am in favor of raising the cost of a trout stamp. Not sure at what amount it discourages sportsman that it is detrimental to the sport but just under that amount.
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