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Default Next Week / Sam's Creek

Will be in Townsend next week and have some interest in making my way to Sam's Creek. I've tried several times (past few years we've camped 1 week in the Spring and 1 in the fall) but either started too late in the day and had some concern about seeing trail on way out, and the weather turned 'ugly' on one attempt. Have made it to the Thunderhead crossing, but stopped there to fish for just a few 'minutes', caught a few and, surprise, lost track of time and had to head back.

Anyway, I'm thinking about going to Sam's about mid-week next week - - no firm plans - - and may go solo but would welcome company if interested, especially if you're 'familiar' with the trail (but not a prerequisite). Would propose meeting at LRO and going from there, say, on Wed.

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