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Post Pitzen Knot-One of my Favorites!

I have been using the Pitzen Knot this year for my flies size 14 to 18 and thoroughly enjoyed the results.

Some of the positives are:
-Easy to tie compared to the smaller knots that require high concentration and controlled wraps.
-Super strong
-Virtually no risk of line tease [this is the main reason I started using the knot].
-Quick to tie
I still use the Davy Knot for my smaller (20-22 size) flies and midges due to its low profile and easy tying.

I am sure several of you are familiar with the Pitzen Knot and use it. However; I thought I would take a moment and introduce it to a few of you that have never tried it. Give it a try if you have trouble tying knots on the water and you want something that will suit you well.

Video Link [Pitzen Knot] (12-18 size flies):

Video Link [Davy Knot] (20-22 size flies):
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