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Originally Posted by Heavynets View Post
I've been using the Davy knot for about two years. I have had a few failures so I came up with the "improved" Davy knot. All I do is add one extra turn to the last step. No failures now. It has works on pan fish, trout, carp and steelhead. Next week I'll see if it works on salmon.

I use a regular clinch knot to attach the tippet for a droppers. I place it just above the knot that holds the fly above.
I have had a few Davy Knots break on me with a few larger fish. I have never tried adding another turn to beef it up. I will give it a try. Thanks for the tip...

Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
I never heard of either of them! I use the improved clinch knot; used it for about 50 years.
Now you have... However; I doubt you will change if you have been locked in to one knot for 50 years. I sure doubt I would. I usually only change out of necessity or boredom. You should give them a try for something different if you feel like spicing it up. The improved clinch knot is a fabulous knot and one of my favorites. However; I find it a little big with my smaller flies and these knots are very quick to tie for my fumbling hands.
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