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Default Tenkara drifts

I'll pretty much echo Owl's remarks, but I will add a different perspective on #5 in his first post. I have no doubt that some people can present the fly the same way with western vs. tenkara rods, but that doesn't totally apply to me. I am able to get better drifts with tenkara in pocket water. This is because with such a light line you can pretty much keep the line out of any water. So far I have fished Palmer Creek, Snowbird (brookie section), Thunderhead prong, Kephart prong, Beech flats prong and in all cases I had no problem with an 11' foot Iwana. I realize those aren't exactly tight, but I can say that I am hung up less than I am with my 9' 4wt. Thought I admit this probably has more to do with a higher awareness of the rod and the fixed line keeps me from getting greedy.

Again, I think Owl hit it, but I wanted to chime in as a less experienced fisherman.
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