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i have been fishing Tenkara for more than 2 1/2 years and enjoy the rods. I have two a 13 1/2 ft and an 11 ft. Fishing nymphs with a Tenkara rod is a snap. Leisuring lift dead drift you can control the fly much better than with a western rod.

I will not give up my bamboo but I have fished the Tenkara on streams that you can step across. I have also fished the Madison in MT. About a month ago I was fishing the Tenkara below Hebgan dam and landed 15 trout fron 15 in's to 24 in's on a 5x tippet and I did not have to do a cross country marathon to land any of the fish.

As far as a rod for a beginner a Tenkara can not be beat. The fisher person can concentrate on fly presentation and not worry about his back cast or shooting lines.

Cost is what you want to put into it. It is difficult to buy a western rod, line and reel for about $130.00 where you can get a Tenkara for that price.

Wind can be a problem but really no more than with a western rod. To over come wind at times you can use a shorter and lighter line, just as you would with western rods. Lines are either furled or Florocarbon in different weights.

Here are a couple of sites.
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