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The fee for out of state guides should be no less than $5000 annually. The fee for in-state guides should be no less than $500 annually.

License checks should be mandatory before all guides and their clients can launch or wade in a river. No fish should be kept and a maximum catch rate should be established for guide trips.

Out of state licenses should be tripled.

And anyone who needs a guide to fish should be charged at least 4 times the normal fee for their license, 5 times if they are out of state.

Anyone wearing one of those vented shirts or a cowboy hat in or near any river should have their license suspended for no less than 10 years. A similiar fate should result from the usage of "tight lines" in speech or writing.

The latest graphite broomstick fly rod, especially if it is called "the one" or anything similarly ridiculous, should not be allowed on any river until next years piece of junk broomstick rod is released.

That's just how I feel about it.
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