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Originally Posted by mcfly View Post
The fee for out of state guides should be no less than $5000 annually. The fee for in-state guides should be no less than $500 annually.

License checks should be mandatory before all guides and their clients can launch or wade in a river. No fish should be kept and a maximum catch rate should be established for guide trips.

Out of state licenses should be tripled.

And anyone who needs a guide to fish should be charged at least 4 times the normal fee for their license, 5 times if they are out of state.

Anyone wearing one of those vented shirts or a cowboy hats in or near any river should have their license suspended for no less than 10 years.

That's just how I feel about it.
Awesome. Nuff said on the majority of the above.

I agree on the vented shirts and cowboy hats however. Add to that the dweeb hats that have long bills and a flap down the back.
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