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No Hackle, I am retired so any weekday that the generation schedule looks good and fishing seems like a good idea, I either head to the Clinch or up to Little River in the park.

I was on the Clinch Friday and had a much better day than my last two outings at the jail. As others have commented, fishing down low has been tough but Friday, things were getting back to normal for me, meaning I was catching more than one or two fish. Had one to break my line with ease (6X) and another good one yanked free on a good three foot leap out of the water. Landed one nice 16 incher and several smaller ones before the water started rising. Oddly, or for me at least, they are ignoring zebra midges of any color, preferring a BHPT with a little flash on the back in a size 16 or 18. They are just barely tapping it too, hard to tell if you're getting a strike or dragging bottom.

I'll tell Ms. Annie she has an admirer. Thanks for the compliments, she is a great dog. I'll try to remember to give you a shout next time we head up to the Clinch on Monday.
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